10% to 15% p.a. affordable living property investment

10% to 15% p.a. affordable living property investment

Many landlords are now divesting from their buy-to-let portfolio into structured property investments. With tightening government such as section 24 legislation and capital appreciation no longer a given, high net worth and sophisticated investors are able to invest with fixed returns and defined exit strategies. 10% return means no deductions like with buy-to-let properties.

This is a structured property investment with an FCA regulated security trustee in place offering 10-15% return over a 2-4 year period.

Its business model takes “unloved office space” in second tier cities and meets the shortage of affordable housing.

Assets are acquired, and then renovated to create strong rental yields underpinning the profitability of the company. It is now into its third investment raise of £24 million with a proven repayment schedule on time and in full.

With a minimum investment of £20,000 offers include a 2-year income offering generating 10% p.a., and growth offerings over 2-4 years with up to 15% p.a.

For more information on these investment opportunities, and to reserve a free special report on the U.K. and the international property market, please click on this link.

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Minimum Investment:£20,000
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