Property Investment UK: Getting Started

Property investment UK wide is becoming an incredibly popular way for people to build a retirement fund or create a stable monthly income for themselves. Much like debt investment options, property is a stable investment. As property is always in demand, it can give back excellent financial returns in the long-term – with the right advice, of course.  When you’re getting started with property investment, patience and the ability to learn are two of the most important qualities; there is a lot to take in. You also need to be aware that it takes time for you to see the financial rewards for your labour.

Why Consider Investment Property?

Property Investment UK

Beyond the headline of potentially lucrative financial rewards, there are other benefits to making property investment UK wide. For many, getting started in property investment happens through securing an investment loan – such as a mortgage. If you’re concerned about how to afford that mortgage, then keep in mind that by investing in rental property, you’re going to be generating fixed returns. You achieve this through receiving constant payments from your tenants in the form of rent. If the rent is higher than the mortgage repayment, then you’ll be able to pay back the mortgage and set aside additional funds for any property costs that may be incurred (such as ground rents, maintenance fees, and general repairs). Over time, you’ll be able to pay off that mortgage through long-term rental fees. However, these types of real estate investment opportunities can take a long time to reap benefits and they aren’t without their risks. You’ll need to deal with costs when you are initially looking for a tenant, as well as any period after a tenant moves out. You may even find yourself having to sell the property if you are facing financial hardship. As the market can fluctuate, your property may take some time sell. Thankfully, there are other ways of getting into property investment – such as through a consultancy company. In fact, this can often be a preferred option for many first-time investors.

Finding Property Investment Opportunities Through A Consultancy Company

While the benefits of being an independent property investor can be terrific, it can also be a draining experience. As we said, there’s a lot to handle – and investments can take time to come into fruition. For many, it becomes their full-time job. So, what if you don’t want it to become a full-time career? Well, that’s where property investment consultants can start to become very beneficial. It’s easy to confuse consultants with investment property real estate agents or brokers; however, the two roles are very different. Consultants aren’t just involved in the buying and selling process, they are individuals with vast experience in investment who have decided to use this experience to help guide others to property investment opportunities. Consultants may also recommend investments that they, personally, have also invested in – meaning that you can trust their suggestions have been thoroughly researched to ensure that risk has been minimised. However, good consultants won’t just funnel you into one option – they will get to know you, understand your aims and offer reports on any good investment opportunities that may arise. Do you want to invest in rental properties? Office spaces in cities? A holiday resort in Spain or Portugal? The opportunities can be diversified to suit your wants and needs. Good consultants will not only guide you to good returns, they’ll only ever be interested in opportunities that offer adequate protection and capital security too. Consultants can guide newcomers in the right direction within the world of property investment.

Finding The Best Property Investment Consultants

As aforementioned, there are a number of things to look out for in a good property investment UK based consultancy firm. In this regard, experience and a track record are two very important measurements. A good property investment firm will not just tell you that they are knowledgeable and experienced, they will be able to show you examples of their investments and money generated from past investments. So be wary of consultants without a track record. The best property investment consultants will also be members of reputable trade bodies or associations. One good example of such an organisation is the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP). This trade body focuses on connecting professionals who are involved in the buying and selling of international properties to establish professional codes, standards and governance lobbying efforts to help support British foreign property owners. Property investment need not be a chore or full of risk when you work with such consultants who are experienced and operating within a legal and ethical framework that puts their clients first. One example of such a consultancy firm is Diversified Property. This modern consultancy firm is centred on the philosophy of diversifying investment in different types of properties, rather than bundling investment risk into just one property.

Diversified Property Specialises In Property Investment UK And Abroad

With nearly 500 clients and £160 million generated in real estate sales over the course of 14 years, Diversified Property has created a reputation for excellence in property investment UK and abroad. We get to know our clients, understand what they are interested in and recommend diverse investments across the spectrum of real estate – from Spanish real estate to private rental sector (PRS) schemes. Our consultants, with a combined 75 years of personal experience in property investment, connect you with some of the best property developers seeking investment. We also offer clear, concise and up-to-date reports on your investments, as well as information on exciting new property investment opportunities. To find out more, just visit or contact us via +44 (0) 0203 808 2645 or